Story the Monkey

$ 42.00

  • The following with be on a note card attached to your Story...

Hi!  I’m your new friend Story and I am yours to keep.

I promise to be good and won’t utter a peep.

Since I came to your house to live,

A second monkey was bought in order to give,

To another brave boy in far away land-

He now has his own monkey right there in his hand.

Did you know some children do not have a mommy or dad,

To hug them, love them and cheer them up when they’re sad?

Everyone should have a family in their story that only seems right.

So, do your best to remember to pray each and every night,

For God to give that boy a forever home.  Oh, that’d bring Him such glory.

Because, one thing I know is that every boy needs a story!